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I use American Easel panels all the time.  I love the smoothness and firmness of the panels versus canvas.  My other art colleagues are always interested in the panels.  I start a painting with a under coat of acrylic paint, then I paint my art with oils.  I use scrapers to draw into the wet oil paints, usually in the background areas,  to expose some of the underpainting and to create texture.  I also like to add paint with a palette knife.  Also I leave the sides natural and stain them.  This eliminates framing.  Here are a few examples.  My website is

-Julie Hart


Above is a scan of my 8x8 encaustic painting on an 8 x 8" American Easel cradled birch panel (deep). I use R+F encaustic wax and prepare the wooden panel with several coats of clear medium. The painting also contains some printed oragami paper. My website: Thanks, Linda Benenati

-Linda Benenati

We are so proud to display our customer's artwork. As you will see when you scroll through these pictures, the talent is amazing! It's our privilege to partner with artists and provide the perfect foundation for their creations. We love making you look good!

Thank you all for sharing your artwork with us!
"Crosscurrents"  12x12 Panel
"DixieBelle Gin"
Jessica Burke
John N. Grunwell  12x24 Panel
In the Light
"In The Light"
Encaustic Painting, 15"X20"X15/8" deep wood panel
My procedure in making encaustic art is to first paint on a hot liquified mixture of filtered beeswax and dumar(tree) resin. I then lightly fuse the wax to the ground( usually a wood panel with a cradle frame) with a torch. 
At first I was apprehensive about putting a flame to  the wax but, after my first painting I could say,I have no fear. I look forward to seeing how the heat will effect my work. And just to be safe, I have a fire extinguisher close at hand.
I prefer using a mixture of both water soluble oil paint and pigmented wax in my work, giving them a 3 dimensional effect. I also experiment with spent coffee grounds, rubbing them into the surface,when I want an aged or rustic appearance . Then I fuse it to the painting. I love the smell of coffee and beeswax in the morning.
Paula Blackwell 
Please check out my website at:

Molly Cliff-Hilts
Jessica Burke
Here is an example of one of my pieces on a 12" x 12" panel from
Myrna Burks
Myrna Burks
Myrna Burks Fine Art
131 Ave B
NY, NY 10009
Here are two of my painterly photographs on panel.  Thank you.
El Zaguan Artist in Residence
Santa Fe, NM  87501

I used my panels for my painting/collage work.
And my links are:



Maureen Shields

Artist- Cathy Nichols
Hi there! I am an artist working in encaustics, and I LOVE the new American Easel wood painting panels. My current favorite is the 10x10 cradled wood panel. The wax encaustic paint adheres smoothly and evenly to the wood surface, and I find them a perfect size and weight for my paintings. The deep cradling makes for beautiful edges for the wax and its drippings to adorn as well. These look so good finished that they do not need frames. Here is my new encaustic painting, "Moon Song."   
Best wishes -- CATHY NICHOLS
Artist- Shawna Moore
I have been suggesting your panels to my encaustic workshop students.  Each panel depth allows for a different feel for each piece.  Most beginner students work on small panels and with yours they have a nice heft.  The wood is smooth and absorbent.  Your customer service department is very helpful too!  Here are two 12x12 pieces painted on the 1 1/2" deep panels using encaustic paint. 
Shawna Moore
June 16,2010
I just recived a shipment of your boards from Dick Blick Art Supply. I can now say, with great enthusiasm, that I have finally found a product that speaks of how well americans do things. I was pleasentaly surprised to see that these extremely well crafted boards were made in Oregon. I say BRAVO.
-Roger Cinnamond

"Purchased Amerian Easel panels for the first time this year, and I may never go back to building my own! The panels are well-made - light weight and sturdy. Perfect for my carved multi-layered acrylic acrylic & mixed-media paintings. Great customer service, too. Highly recommended." -- Cindy Morefield, Scratching the Surface Studio

-Cindy Morefield

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