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Soho Myriad – Art consulting services.

Suzanne Nicoll – Home decor using hand printing, painting, and stenciling techniques.

Dick Blick Art Materials – Serving artists with discount art materials since 1911.

Nasco Art and Craft – The most comprehensive selection of art and craft supplies found online.

National Artcraft – Ceramic supplies, craft, gift, and hobby supplies.

School Specialty – Supplies and products for the educational market.

Unbeatable Sales – Where the sales are truly unbeatable.

Ziegler Art and Frame – Custom framing, art classes, artist materials, gifts, and home décor.

Arizona Art Supply – We offer the highest in-store student/instructor discount in Arizona. Arizona Art Supply also makes generous contributions to professional arts organizations to ensure that individual artists have strong foundations in the community.

Asel Art Supply – Asel Art Supply serves fine artists, commercial and graphic artists, architects, students, and artists of all ages.  The bookstore primarily attracts the student community of Texas Tech, but also serves the local community of Lubbock and the wider West Texas area.

California Art Supply – A fine art supply store in San Mateo offering great prices & friendly expertise. Travel our aisles & find those just-right professional materials.

Benoits Design Co – Benoit’s Design Co. offers laser and dye sublimation services to customers to fuel their inspiration. The idea behind our services is to provide an outlet for businesses and creative minds to broaden their knowledge as well as create high quality products that meet their needs.

Platypus Arts – Emily Rhodes is a multimedia artist specializing in the digital arts. She creates pieces to invite whimsy, calm, and humor into our everyday lives. Her mediums include digital arts, collage, painting, and photography.

Fine Line Art & Frame – You’ll find all the art supplies you’ve come to trust as well as some new, exciting brands. Get your favorite brushes, watercolor, acrylic and oil paints, along with artist’s paper and canvas.

HD Aluminum Prints – HD Aluminum Prints is an environmentally friendly prints that provide amazing customer service, and loves to work with a passionate artist.

INSALCO Corporation – Specifying furniture that will truly serve your needs involves making choices. We hope you will contact us for help.

JWS Art Supplies – If you have a particular affection for fine design, wry humor, or toys that can be justified as “business expenses”, then you will be more than satisfied with the selection of merchandise that comprises the second half of our inventory.

Layor + Art Supply – Layor is a creative environment where quality art supplies are accessible, and the local community is inspired to “live art”.

Marco Photo Service – Quality custom portrait products based in the state of Ohio.

Partners Gallery – Partners Gallery is the creation of a group of Mendocino Coast artists who administer the gallery and exhibit contemporary paintings, sculpture, photography, ceramics, and jewelry.

Pouring Artists – ART EXPO – This art conference will blow you away! Pouring artist offers multiple venues to learn how to make art and make it better than it is!

Quality Art Inc – Quality art is a school and art supply; they are always ready to offer help and to make sure your order is satisfied.

Web Picture Frames – Our Goal Is To Make Your Life Easy When It Comes To Ordering Custom Frames, Floater Frames, Canvas Frames, And Custom Picture Mats From A Reputable Company.

Pixelpoint Artistry – PixelPoint Artistry provides Fine Art Reproduction and digital Artwork capture for professional and amateur artists and photographers. We produce exquisite giclée prints using the highest quality archival papers and canvas available.

Pacific Northwest College Of Art – We’re a century old art school with a focus on the future in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon, one of the most creative and livable cities in the country.

SOULSHINE Art Studio – My goal is to spread happiness and inspiration through my love of art by teaching both children and adults in all different art mediums.

Dick Blick Co. – Shop for liquid art panels designed for fluid acrylics, glazing liquids, gels, grout, and encaustics. Blick also carries painting surfaces such as wood planks, bark edge panels, and other wood surfaces for home décor and craft use — ideal for painting, staining, hand lettering, and woodburning.

Flax Art & Design – Where creative people shop.

Four Seasons Resort – Maui – Experience Hawaii like never before, discover a better place to see, to be seen and to be unseen.

Gamblin Artists Colors – We will deliver the right product for your work at an honest price. We’re painters too. Count on us to put our heads, hearts, hands, and everything we’ve learned into everything we do.

North Shore Art League – Founded in 1924, the League remains dedicated to enriching the communities we serve through art education and exhibitions.

Swains Art Supplies – A unique art supply store that’s located in several art supply stores! Go check them out!

Texas Art Supply – Art supply store for all kinds of materials fit for adults and kid selections!

The Merri Artist – We don’t try to have everything, but we do try to have what we consider to be a well thought out selection of the finest artists’ supplies available from all over the world, including brands such as M. Graham and Gamblin which are manufactured right here in Oregon.

Unbeatable Sale – There’s no greater feeling than getting the perfect item with the most features at always low prices. We guarantee you won’t find any of our unique deals anywhere for less.

University Art – Our goal is to create an atmosphere where you can explore in one of our three art supply stores, learn by taking an art class or workshop in one of our learning centers, and enjoy your shopping experience for art supplies, craft supplies and creative gifts each and every time you visit.


2 Chicks and a Basket – This is the perfect place for greatly crafted necklaces and custom text keychains!

Brush and Trowel LLC – Brush & Trowel specializes in the finest architectural and decorative products and finishes for walls, floors, and woodwork. A complete offering of products, training, and application resources. We are the experts focused on trends and timeless applications in commercial, residential, new builds and renovations.

Caryn King Studio – Caryn brings a perfect blend between paint and realism by blending the paints just right, to create soft and warming images.

Amy Rose Moore Illustration – Amy works in a variety of water-based media, including watercolor, gouache, ink & acrylics. Her favorite surface is tea-toned paper and I favor the tiniest of teeny-tiny paintbrushes.

Carrie Moore Studios – Carrie’s current work reflects my love of nature, and I express this through the use of chalk pastels, carving into linoleum blocks, and creating prints. Her newest work includes joining my designs in copper with embossed leather works, which are one of a kind, created one at a time.

Shawna Moore Art – Shawna is a full-time artist that is connected to her paintings in a strong way. She feels for what is best to add or not in a painting and creates a joining of colors like none other. 

Fat Dragon Fly – Shanni Welsh draws inspiration from the beautiful backdrop of my home in the Pacific Northwest, with emphasis on nature and the elements of line, texture & color. 

Jany Rae Seda – Arts – Jany has been creating beautiful landscape paintings for the past 10 years with watercolor, pastel, charcoal, and graphite. She has determined that bold rich oil pigment and rough texture is her painting style.

The Drawing Room – Renee DeCarlo – Renée DeCarlo is an abstract painter and process based artist, in which drawing is her primary mode of working. Renée’s current work inquires and experiments with ideas of tradition, history, structure, surface and color, and the boundaries and relationships between each.

Rohner Art – He aims to express ideas and notions that are difficult to convey with words; he hopes to uplift, inspire, and comfort you with his imagery.

Tricia George – Art Studio – Beautifully intricate paintings of delicate creatures (birds especially) adapted to their surroundings that have become more urban over time.

Vir Ventures Inc – Enjoy the benefits of shopping for your entire home or office at the click of a button. At Virventures, we have everything that you need to make your life comfortable.

Riesen Photography – Denise Riesen is an award-winning photographer with more than 18 years’ experience. Her work has varied in style and has evolved as she travels both physically around the world, and through the stages of her own life.

Gemini Studio – Stephen Fowler – A graphic designer by trade, Stephen started his collection in Chicago while he worked as a packaging designer. Labels and packages he designed during his day job inspired the use of typography and graphic layouts seen in his work today.

Manneck Art – Holly Manneck – Paintings that are based on life and culture. Holly focuses on bringing the elements of culture and creativity into one through her artwork.

Mallory Morrison Photography – Combining fine dance skills and style with unique and powerful photography. Check out the great images here!

The Mincing Mockingbird – Get some cool art prints and gifts for yourself or friends! Mincing Mockingbird is an online art and accessory store that ships to your door!

Molly Cliff Hilts – Art – I  am a visual artist whose allegorical landscape paintings consider the  synergy of the natural world and the impact of humankind, conveyed  through atmospheric oil backgrounds contrasted with crisp  lithographic imagery over layers of wax.

 Jeva Art – Scott Partridge – Scott works on amazingly constructed design type of paintings. Whether it’s a big poster or a small frame, the saturated colors and line work is undeniable. 

Steven Vigil Art – Painting is how I ask and answer the big questions in life. It’s how I pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming. It’s how I experience beauty (whatever that is). Painting gives me permission to stare; To look at something longer and harder than anyone else has looked at that subject as it exists now; To take it in and filter it through my mind, through my body, and out of my hand.

SAATCHI ART – Susan Keegin is an expressionist oil-based painter with an extremely unique style. She has transferred her graphic design skills for painting amazing works of art.

Susan Luckey Higdon – ART – Working in soft pastel and acrylic, the joy of color and the intensity of unique perspective and composition form the basis of my paintings.

Tracey Capone – Fine Art – This artist is a self-taught, illustrator, photographer and artist who lives in Chicago. Every piece of art she does is astounding and new; her art shows the city and the peace within the madness.

Wayfair  ONLINE STORE – Go sign up to this lovely online store. They have all kinds of household supplies and decoration pieces. Please sign up and enjoy.

Ann Munson – Art – Ann is a multi-medium artist that loves to have fun with the way she creates. She creates details and unique paintings of nature, and other things that are presented to various art galleries.

Barbara Sorenson – Art & Ceramics – Barbara Sorensen’s large scale sculptural installations have long been inspired by nature, geological formations, the classical elements of art, and the diverse materiality of our ever-changing environment. Expanding on this foundation, her recent work includes a focus on the energy and dynamism of the environment through the creation of vessels and wall sculptures constructed of metal and resins, as well as experimental use of new and unexpected materials and textures, often interconnected, and chromatically bold.

Bart Gulley – Art – Bart is an amazing artist that works with abstract and geometrical shape painting. Bart does art that stands out from the norm, and because of that his pieces have much more value.

Bernie DeChant – Photography – Bernie DeChant is a self-taught photographer who studied art and graphic design at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Before shifting his focus to photography, he cofounded an award-winning design firm, Adjacency, art directing work for clients including Adobe, Apple, Patagonia, and Virgin.

Mt. Hood Art Online – Beth Verheyden – Beth is a passionate watercolor painter of over thirty years, and continues to do workshops to teach, up and coming artists.

Brian Payne Studio – Art – Brian D. Payne is a visual artist, specializing in water media painting. His passion for color and expression drives and motivates him to paint full time as a professional artist.

Carol Marine Art – Carol creates beautiful oil paintings and a variety of scenes, both urban, suburban and household paintings. Carol’s life has been fixed around painting and the adventure of it all, for her entire life, and has also created many books and workshops to help artist develop their skill.

Carolyn Bloom – Art – Handmade knitting projects and clothing accessories that help during the cold weather, or for a fashion change up.

Albanese Art – Watercolor & Travel Paintings – I integrate my painting with all aspects of life today, including travel, recreation, teaching, and social life. I accept the structural influence that being an architect implies and strive to achieve freedom and understanding of watercolor as an artist.

Philomath Open Studios – My art is an attempt to communicate the beauty of their spirit, individuality, and fragility of their world. I experiment with media and styles, mixing them with abandon.

Debra Bruner Studio – Water color-based art, that is light and very subtle. Debra focuses on ranch style scenes that show you the joy in the area she came from.

Giacobbe Fritz – Fine Art – Del Curfman explores heritage, tradition, and humanity through painting. His work often incorporates techniques and styles of impressionism.

Vancouver Foundation Small Arts – Childhood artist that continues to enjoy making art and galleries, this artist has wonderful displays of color and value; there are no paintings quite like the ones you’ll find here.

Dianne Poinski Studio – After many years of shooting film and printing in the darkroom, I slowly transitioned into digital photography and felt my passion for the art form reignite. Using new skills along with the advances in technology has made it possible for me to create images that at one time only existed in my imagination.

Emily Donovan Art – Emily focuses on “Batik art”; her process of hand dyeing creates what she calls a “living mark,” tracking the movement and infusion of her pigments into paper fibers and encapsulating her experiences and discoveries in the outdoors.

Gary Faigin – Fine Arts – This author is a creator of “The artists complete guide to facial expressions” and has sold over 175,000 copies, in multiple languages. His focus in on portrait style art and he is a master of illustrating.

Gaston Mckenzie – Art – Gaston McKenzie is a Jamaican watercolor artist based in Tampa Florida. An architect by training, he now spends most of his time capturing the essence of places he visits on his extensive travels to Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Caribbean which he calls home.

Holly Downing – Paintings – Holly Downing is a painter and printmaker who has been making mezzotint engravings since the 1970s. She studied painting and printmaking at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the Royal College of Art, London.

Janel Pahl – Art – Check out the various watercolor paintings of beautiful flowers and pedals.

JC Spock – Mixed Media Art – Inspired by my passion for nature and travel, my mixed media art pieces tell a unique story through the quiet scenes captured, the vintage ephemera incorporated and the touches of paint that when combined creates a new piece that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Stella Lily – Photography – Now, many years later I still find joy in creating an image from the world around me. I have been fortunate to be able to pursue my career in photography.

Mountain House Studios – I enjoy creating a world never before seen. A place with its own characters, based on real world objects, but presenting them in a surreal atmosphere. I want to give the viewer an escape into a dream world.

Artfully Connected – My art is an expression of what’s bountiful in our world. I want my images to reflect a side of life that is as powerful in its lightness as is art that portrays the darkness. One does not have less value than the other; they picture the yin and yang of what is around and in us.

337 Mirada Art – Julie Buelteman is a skilled craftswoman who imbues her adornments with a light all their own. As the creative spirit behind Julie B. & Company she spends countless hours finding special materials from which she creates her artisan jewelry.

Kristina Havens – Art Gallery – This artist focuses on a set of watercolor, paints and different fine art mediums to create wonders. Go see what amazing pieces are available!

Lanny Devuono – Drawings – Lanny is a veteran painter, with many wards and highly acclaimed projects. Check out the amazing selection and gallery he has put together, and possibly be a part of some live art viewing.

Laura Berger -Art – Uniquely created art that focuses on light pastels and gives you the feeling of tranquility. She also focuses on putting her work out for people to see I various art galleries.

Lisa Lamoreaux – Art – Beautiful art that is organically painted and guided by the flow of the colors and the way that the paint moves.  

Lori Chilefone – Art – Beautifully painted, old renaissance style paintings, with a twist of abstract to bring everything together.

Lyn Sedlak- Ford – Art Gallery – Abstract and elegantly styled paintings and panels that are meant for beautiful, luxury homes and hotels.

Rolling Dog Art – Nature based paintings that encapsulate the beauty of animals and various blends of colorfully painted dogs.

Mike Egan Art – American “prison style” art and paintings that focus on clean and crisp graphic design like paintings; a lot of Mike’s work is based off of tattoo style.

Nathan Mckee Art – McKee’s illustrations and paper cutouts utilize simple lines and flat color, and are inspired by comics, sports, music and other elements of popular culture.

Pamela Smithsted Studio – selling oil paintings and detailed works of art in art galleries. Creating texture through paint and adjusting it all, is her adventure.

Rachel Santel – Art – A master of creating old style renaissance art and transcending time to deliver the most vivid and mystical looking art panels and paintings.

Rebecca Lambing – Art – Taking the peaceful and joyful tranquility in the painting and creating a masterpiece collage and mixture of all of it combined.

Bekah Zeimetz – Art – I find myself drawn to highly detailed work. Catching an ordinary moment of an animal’s life and spending numerous hours recreating that moment with each tiny brushstroke of fur.

Ruth Santee – Collage Art – California based artist Ruth Santee, has an out of the ordinary way of cutting to the core of our humanness. Insects, animals and even plants adopt human narratives in her unique compositions of drawing and collage of found papers.

The Art Of Sam Steph – Amazing woodwork and abstract carvings, inspired by Japanese nature and Asia explorations.

Sarah Caudle Art – Sarah Caudle is a seascape artist who creates a visual escape to paradise for others to find a sense of peace, happiness, and aloha. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia with a background in design and sustainability, she moved to Honolulu, Hawaii where she followed her dreams of being an artist and designer.

September Mcgee Fine Art – September paints in a variety of mediums, always changing her palette and exploring new textures and genres.  She continues the tradition of American Impressionism, experimenting with light, color, innovative techniques and her expressive style.

Sheri Schumacher – Fine Art – Discovery through the act of making and the physical engagement with materials is central to her design process.

Sierra Siemer – Maker & Breaker Art – Creator of hypnotic and creative pattern art that will amaze you.

Stacy Tonozzi – Paintings – Patient and thought out photography, taking in every essence of the moment in the frame.

Taisley Weston Photography – Using old film tones with a new camera, to capture a beautiful and often, unseen medium.

Tracy Grubbs Paintings – Working with a variety of materials from paper, paint and found ephemera as well as figurative and abstract imagery she explores what the shifting nature of form might teach us.

Tomas Orihuela Photography – Capturing the overall environment so that the image tells a much bigger story has been the key element of my photography style.

Ghost Written Fine Art – For over 15 years, creating engaging artwork full of unique character and style.

Victoria Smits – Mixed Media Art – Amid being a wife and mother, continuing to fulfill her creative urge by painting and sculpting. 

Sondra Dorn Art Gallery – Utilizing paints and colors to create patterns and compositions of nature.

Robin Christy Humelbaugh – Art and Paint – To make art that is relevant, entertaining and inspiring, while solving the puzzle of design.

Victoria Heilweil – Photography – Transforming the mundane, into the sublime.