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The Antigo

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  • Manufactured from a premium quality Northern Red Oak
  • Stands at 66″ as a compact height, but it will extend to a full 96″ tall
  • A base footprint of 27″ x 22″
  • 12″ top canvas holder and 22″ bottom holder adjusts to accommodate a 72″ canvas height
  • Easy turn of a knobs
  • Requires little assembly
  • Will fold semi flat for easy storage
  • Golden Oak finish, darkness may vary
  • Made in the USA

Introducing the Antigo Easel, a masterpiece crafted from premium-quality Northern Red Oak, provides artists with strength, versatility, and elegance. This A-frame easel is designed to accommodate both large and small artwork, making it a perfect choice for artists of all levels.

Standing at a compact height of 66 inches, the Antigo Easel also extends to an impressive 96 inches, allowing you to work on larger canvases with ease. Its sturdy base, measuring 27 inches by 22 inches, providing stability and also support for your creative process.

Featuring a 12-inch top canvas holder and a 22-inch bottom holder, this easel offers adjustable options to accommodate canvases up to 72 inches in height. With easy-turn knobs that fit perfectly in your hand, you can effortlessly adjust the holders which securely hold your canvas in place. The Antigo Easel offers both reliability and flexibility.

Constructed with meticulous craftsmanship, this easel showcases a golden oak finish that adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to your studio. Please note that the darkness of the finish may vary, thus making each Antigo Easel a unique piece.

Assembly for the Antigo Easel is minimal, allowing you to set it up quickly and focus on your artwork. When not in use, this slim yet sturdy easel conveniently folds semi-flat for easy storage, saving valuable space in your studio.

The Antigo Easel is made in the USA, which is a testament to the quality that goes into its manufacturing. With its solid construction, supportive base, and elegant design, this easel is sure to elevate and showcase your artistic talents.

Additionally, the Antigo Easel features base supports for added stability and palette-resting arms for your comfort while painting. It folds flat for convenient storage, making it a practical choice for artists with limited space. With such easy assembly and impressive features, this beautiful Antigo Easel is ready to accompany you on your creative journey.

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 3 × 60 in