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Economy Painting Panels


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Our new Economy Line offers the same superior quality, virtually clear face and sanded smooth edges as our regular line of panels. All we’ve done is shrink the overall cradle to 3/4″ squared… saving you money!

  • Constructed with a Baltic Birch wood face and a smooth solid Poplar wood cradle (frame around the back)
  • Cradled back ensures no warping, flexing, stretching, and makes for easy hanging
  • Cradle accepts stain & paints, or can be left natural
  • Available in a few select smaller sizes
  • Accepts virtually any medium and is ideal for showcasing detailed or fine brushwork
  • No priming required, however; a coating of gesso can be applied if desired
  • Made in the USA

Our Economy Painting Panels are the perfect choice for artists seeking high-quality panels at an affordable price. The panels feature Baltic Birch wood, resulting in smooth and durable painting surfaces. The solid Poplar wood cradle frames the back, ensuring stability and preventing warping, flexing, or stretching. Additionally, hanging your artwork is a breeze, thanks to the secure cradle design.

Whether you prefer to leave the cradle natural or add your own personal touch with stains or paints, our Economy Painting Panels offer natural flexibility to customize, and the possibilities are endless.

Available in a selection of sizes, these panels are perfect for a wide range of arts projects. They accept virtually any medium, making them ideal for showcasing detailed brushwork and fine artistic techniques. So let your creativity flow effortlessly on our smooth painting surface, capturing every intricate detail with precision.

One of the great advantages of our Economy Painting Panels is that they require no priming. However, if desired, you can easily apply a coat of gesso to enhance the surface’s texture and prepare it for your preferred painting style.

Like all our easels and painting products, these panels reflect our commitment to quality craftsmanship. We understand the importance of providing artists with reliable and versatile tools to unleash their creativity.

When it comes to displaying your finished artwork, our Economy Painting Panels offer a clean and contemporary look. These panels hang flush to the wall using just a single nail or screw, eliminating the need for a traditional frame. Let your artwork take center stage and make a statement with its simplicity and elegance.

Whether you’re a professional artist or an enthusiastic hobbyist, these panels will exceed your expectations and provide a solid foundation for your artistic endeavors. Create with confidence and let your imagination soar on our exceptional painting surfaces.

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