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Thinner Screen with Container


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Our brush cleaning screen inside a white 32 oz bucket with lid is perfect for most artists. Use with odorless mineral spirits (thinner) or water. Just add 1 1/2″ of odorless mineral spirits to our 32oz white container with lid. Container is 4 1/2″ in diameter and 4″ tall. In the bottom of the container is a screen to clean your brushes between colors.

  • Just drag your brush gently across the screen and the paint particles will separate from your brush.
  • When you are done cleaning your brushes just put the lid on tight to store the mineral spirits safely.

Make your brush cleaning process more efficient and effective with our Thinner Screen with Container. By incorporating this innovative system into your artistic routine, you can remove paint particles from your brushes, maintaining their pristine condition and ensuring vibrant, uncontaminated colors in your artwork. Experience the ease and convenience of this economical brush cleaning solution and take your artistic endeavors to new heights.

The Thinner Screen with Container is a must-have brush cleaning system designed to simplify and streamline your artistic process. Whether you use odorless mineral spirits (thinner) or water, this system is perfect for most artists, offering an efficient and effective solution for maintaining your brushes.

With a diameter of 4 1/2 inches and a height of 4 inches, this container provides ample space for your brush cleaning needs. At the bottom of the container, you’ll find a wire screen, allowing you to remove paint particles from your brush between colors. By gently dragging your brush across the screen, you effectively separate and dislodge any remaining paint, while preventing contamination of subsequent colors and ensuring pristine brush strokes.

Our Thinner Screen with Container offers a cost-effective and convenient method of caring for your valuable brushes. Brush cleaning becomes effortless with this innovative system, helping remove paint particles and simultaneously preserving longevity of your brushes.

Once you have finished cleaning your brushes, simply secure the lid. This feature ensures that your cleaning solution remains securely contained, while also preventing any accidental spills or evaporation.

We understand the challenges and frustrations associated with cleaning paintbrushes and the potential for color contamination. With our Thinner Screen with Container, you can achieve a higher level of precision and cleanliness in your studio. The container’s generous 32-ounce capacity and accompanying lid provide both convenience and peace of mind.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in